Calculate paver projects in a fraction of the time.

Cloud Version - This Online Version is customized to look like your site. Choose one or more of our manufacturers to install. Because it is online it can be accessed by your team 24/7 from any web device, like an ipad, smart phone, Mac, Windows tablet, & Android All shared data is saved in one location in the cloud.

The "Hardscape Estimator" will improve your overall accuracy which will increase your bottom line.

Hardscape Estimator is Incredibly simple to use! You start by entering the square footage of the project, pick the product and pattern you want to use, then choose the colors available for that product, you can even calculate how many pallets are needed for soldier course borders if you need it. The program also will calculate the quantity of base rock, bedding sand, fill sand, and edge restraints, everything that is needed for a Paver installation. You'll wonder how you ever did without it! Watch the video below to see how the Estimator works.

Our Paver Calculator provides calculations of all materials you need for a paver installation:
  • Calculate how many pallets of each stone are required based on the pattern used.
  • Calculate a border based on lineal feet and converts it to Pallets needed.
  • Circles kits square footage can be subtracted automatically from the projects total.
  • Calculate Base Rock Cubic yards or tons, Bedding Sand, and Joint Sand.
  • Calculate edge restraints
  • Customizable with your company info and logo.
  • Edit, add, remove products, or pricing in seconds.
  • Synchronize your materials and estimates to multiple computers.
  • Print or E-mail your professional looking estimates.
  • To View a Print Out of a contract with material lists and pictures as a PDF.
  • To View an Estimate Example.


Many of the major manufacturers like Pavestone supply the estimator to their dealers and contractors from their website. If you are a manufacturer and would like your product information in the estimator please contact us for a quote.

Once the program is customized to match your branding and populated with your products it is available online to the World. The new product data can be shared with all your dealers and contractor to import into their online or offline estimators.

Try the Hardscape Estimator Now for Free!

After filling out the Contact Us Form, you will receive an email with access to all these estimators. Each manufacturer has assisted us in adding the data. In the purchase versions you will be able to make changes to the data even on the fly and save. Please call if you need assistance we would also be happy to do an online assisted demo. Once the Estimator is open, use the HELP button to find the training movies.

Paver Estimators by Manufacturer:

Abbotsford Paver Estimator
Ackerstone Paver Estimator
Anchor Block Paver Estimator
Angelus Paver Estimator
Barkman Paver Estimator
Basalite Paver Estimator

Belgard Paver Estimators by Region:

Belgard Adams Paver Estimator (NC)
Belgard Anchor Paver Estimator (Viginia)
Belgard Bosse Paver Estimator (Georgia)
Belgard Crego Block Paver Estimator (NM)
Belgard Expo-Crete Alberta (Canada)
Belgard Sierra Fontana (California)

Belgard Foster SE Paver Estimator (MA)
Georgia Masonry Estimator (GA)
Belgard Goria Paver Estimator (SC)
Belgard Jewell Paver Estimator (Texas)
Belgard Miller Paver Estimator (Missouri)
Belgard Navascape (Ontario, Canada)

Belgard Northfield Bend (Illinois)
Belgard Old Castle Estimator (Florida)
Permacon Estimator (Montreal, Canada)
Belgard Schuster Estimator (Indiana)
Belgard Superlite Estimator (Arizona)

Paver Estimators by Manufacturer continues:

Calstone Paver Estimator
Cobble Systems Estimator
EP Henry Pavers Calculator
McNear Paver Calculator
Mutual Materials Estimator
Nicolock Paver Estimator

Oaks Pavers (Canada)
Oak Paver (USA) Estimator
Paveloc Interlocking Paver Estimator

Pavestone Estimators by State:

Pavestone Estimator Alabama
Pavestone Estimator Arizona (Phoenix)
Pavestone Estimator California (Winters)
Pavestone Estimator Colorado (Denver)
Pavestone Estimator Georgia (Atlanta)
Pavestone Estimator Kansas (Kansas City)

Pavestone Estimator New Orleans
Pavestone Estimator Maryland
Pavestone Estimator Massachusetts
Pavestone Estimator Missouri (Saint Louis)
Pavestone Estimator Nevada Las Vegas
Pavestone Estimator North Carolina

Pavestone Estimator Ohio (Cincinnati)
Pavestone Estimator Texas (Grapevine)
Pavestone Estimator Texas (Houston)
Pavestone Estimator Texas (San Marcos)

Paver Estimators by Manufacturer continues:

Techo-Bloc Calculator
Tremron Estimator
Unilock Calculator