Hardscape Design Software Version 1.6 Registration

Hardscape Imaging Software "HIS" must be installed before registering.

The Download and information needed for registering was emailed to you, so please check your spam folder.

  1. The Hardscape Program must be Installed prior to registeration, you were emailed the download and instructions.
  2. You must turn off the User Account Control (UAC) to register the program.
  3. You must run the program as the Administrator to register correctly do no skip this step.
  4. Hardscape Imaging Software icon on your desktop
    • A mouse is a must to run HIS so at this point the program is installed and the icon is on the desktop. We are almost there!
    • Take your mouse and hover over the icon on your desktop Right Click I reapeat Right Click now choose Run AS Administrator.
    • The program will now show the correct 8 digit registration code. (don't close the window) you can copy it or write it down but don't close the window.
    • Click the picture for registration on the right, a window will pop up: Use your email and phone on your invoice or what you gave us for the contact us form.
    • Click proceed to Next Step!
    • Enter the 8 digit Registration Number from the HIS program registration screen that you left open.
    • Click "Generate Unlock Code"
    • The Unlock Code will be displayed. Enter the Unlock Code into the Registration screen of the program and Click Unlock!

Wow, congratulations you are installed and registered. If you need assistance use our Support Ticket System this allow us to reserve a day and time and offer direct assistance with any issues that you may have, or you may call the # on the register window to the right.

Hardscape Image Program Version 1.6 .Please note unlocks are for the user paid on the account only. 2nd users are discounted and need to be paid for and entered in the system before unlocking. For more info on second users and upgrading fill out a Contact Us Form. Click on the picture below and window will pop up for registeration.

hardscape registration

Do you install Landscaping, Pavers and Lighting? Learn about GreenScapes.

  • Landscaping

    Higher resolution plants, trees, brushes, ground cover and more of them.
  • More Pavers and updates

    GreenScapes download center is included free.
  • Lighting Effects

    Show potential clients how it will look in the evening to help seal the deal.

About us

Landscape Design Imaging Software merged with Depiction Software in 2013. with over 35 years experience in the photo imaging design industry.

Our Photo Imaging Programs

GreenScapes $500.
Is for the Landscaper as well as the Hardscape Contractor and we include the Lighting Effects program and a FREE Download Center.
Hardscape Imaging Software "HIS" $400.
HIS has limited pavers vs GreenScapes.
Decorative Concrete Software "Deco-Con" $400.
Landscape Lighting Software $260.


  Email us at: Michele (@) hardscapedesignsoftware.com



  Poolville, TX 76487

  Jensen Beach, FL, 34957