Hardscape Programs - Support Ticket

All our Hardscape programs have extensive training movies, please take the time to watch them before contacting support.

Have you checked the Hardscape Programs FAQ's Page?

A Hardscape Support ticket is better than calling because we will do the best to get back to you at the time you requested, we also can send answers via email very quickly, and if need be our support team can do a personal online connection to help resolve any issues you might be having.

Something Short you can email us at: Michele@HardscapeDesignSoftware.com

If you need help after hours or on the weekend, tell us the problem the best you can and let us know what version of windows you are using.

Most the support calls we get are for registering the program, when there is zero days and no registration code, Turn off the UAC and run the program as the Administrator. The Registration Page goes into detail as well as the instructions that were sent to your email.