Hardscape Imaging Software Examples

Photo Realist Rendering of homes with new paver designs.

Hardscape imaging software allows you to design on a photo of your perspective client’s project to help them visualize what a paver manufactures products are going to look like installed on their Driveway, Walkway, Patio or around their Pool area. This takes away their doubts and concerns about spending all that money and not knowing what it is going to look like in advance. A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case, thousands of dollars to your bottom-line.

Don't waste your time doing free hand drawings which takes hours and estimates for potential customers wanting interlocking pavers to say, "I can't visualize it"!

The images you will see on the page are all created with Hardscape Imaging Software (HIS). The program allows you to create and change the Pavers, Wall Stones and Stone Veneer you have placed in the image in a matter of seconds, You can see how quick and easy this is to do on our DEMO MOVIE.

Paver Driveway examples from Hardscape Imaging Software.

Paver Driveways

Examples of Paver Driveways created in Hardscape Imaging Software.

View Paver Driveways

Hardscape Imaging Software example of paver patios.

Interlocking Paver Patios

View Examples of Paver Patios created in Hardscape Imaging Software.

View Paver Patios

View interlocking paver designs around pools created in Hardscape Imaging Software.

Interlocking Pavers around a Pool

View pavers around pool areas with Hardscape Imaging Software.

View Paver around Pools

Hardscape Imaging Software allows you to create photorealistic retaining walls.

Retaining Walls

View Retaining Walls created with Hardscape Imaging Software.

View Retaining Walls

Stone Veneer can be designed with Hardscape Imaging Software.

Stone Veneer

Examples of Stone Veneer created in Hardscape Imaging Software.

View Stone Veneer

Hardscape Imaging Software makes it easy for contractors to show clients the finish walkway just by taking a photo of their home.

Interlocking Pavers Walkways

Walkways designed with Hardscape Imaging Software.

View Paver Walkways

Do you install Landscaping, Pavers and Lighting? Learn about GreenScapes.

  • Landscaping

    Higher resolution plants, trees, brushes, ground cover and more of them.
  • More Pavers and updates

    GreenScapes download center is included free.
  • Lighting Effects

    Show potential clients how it will look in the evening to help seal the deal.

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What Our Customers Say

  • Testimonial from tells how easy Hardscape Design Software is.

    Stephanie D.

    Dreamscapes of South Florida
    "I use Hardscape Imaging to sell interlocking concrete paver driverways. My projects close in one visit and upselling has never been easier. Thank you for such easy an program."
  • Dave DeJohn

    DeJohn Landscaping and Hardscaping, NH
    "After learning and using photo imaging software the response was immediate, my clients could now "see" what the finished project could look like."
  • Jim Vazzana

    Dreamweaver Design – Long Island, NY
    "WOW is all I can say! Being able to sit with a customer and quickly design their pavers has helped me increase sales dramatically to new and existing customers! The program was easy to learn, and the customer support I received was above and beyond what I expected."
  • Hector Valentin

    HV Design Construction - Ontario, Canada
    "Homeowners have to see the design. the majority of homeowners cannot interpret their ideas and therefore cannot visualize a project. Which is where Photo Imaging like HIS and GreenScapes can provide you with an almost look like a reality output and design of your ideas. Computer-aided design rendering shows a visualization that ultimately created success for our business."

About us

Landscape Design Imaging Software merged with Depiction Software in 2013. with over 35 years experience in the photo imaging design industry.

Our Photo Imaging Programs

GreenScapes $500.
Is for the Landscaper as well as the Hardscape Contractor and we include the Lighting Effects program and a FREE Download Center.
Hardscape Imaging Software "HIS" $400.
HIS has limited pavers vs GreenScapes.
Decorative Concrete Software "Deco-Con" $400.
Landscape Lighting Software $260.


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