Hardscape Imaging Software has been helping Interlocking Paving Contractors design since 2003.

I have Hardscape Imaging Software what is GreenScapes Landscape Design Software?

GreenScapes is the Cadillac Version of Hardscape Imaging Software, it was designed for landscapers yet still contains all the great paver libraries Hardscape Imaging has. We extended the plant libraries and replaced many with higher resolution plants, trees, and shrubs. We added more object libraries and included a Free Download Center to pick and choose what else you would want to add. Night Lighting Effects Software is included with every purchase a $200 value. You will not have to learn anything new it is as easy as Hardscape Imaging Software.

How do I check what version of Hardscape Imaging Software do I have?

Open the Hardscape Imaging Program go HELP then ABOUT it is on the first line of text. Because we need to confirm your prior purchase to offer you the deep discount of updating you must call us at 817-764-0413.

GreenScapes has all the great pavers Hardscape Imaging Software does.

GreenScapes for Landscapers and....

GreenScapes is for Landscapers and Contractors who install Pavers. It has all the interlocking pavers and secondary library of textures in Hardscape Imaging Software plus it includes an Extensive Plant Library, additional Object Libraries, Night Lighting and a Free Download Center. GreenScapes is our largest program and installs from a 8GB USB.

Check out GreenScapes.

Hardscape Imaging Software 1.5 is our newest version unless you want to upgrade to GreenScapes.

Latest Version of HIS 1.6 (NEWEST)

Version 1.6 was updated 6/20/2017, All the movies have been updated and created in a format that is compatible Windows and older Mac versions (NOT CATALINA)   can now run on the Mac by using Crossover software that allows Windows programs to run on the Mac. You can purchase Crossover at 50% off when you buy Hardscape Imaging software from us. 

Check out CrossOver and HIS

Hardscape Imaging Software 1.5 is our newest version unless you want to upgrade to GreenScapes.

Latest Version of HIS 1.5

All Belgard Libraries (13 regions), 4D Schusters, Adams, Anchor concrete, Balcon, Domine Block, Foster SE, Georgia Masonry, Jewell, Miller materials, Northfield Block, Oldcastle Coastal, Sierra, Superlite, New Anchor block textures, Water, siding, Roofing, Handy decking, Wilson Wood flooring, Wood flooring, Unilock Fire places Objects

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Hardscape Imaging Software Version 1.4 is a great program unless you need the other libraries.

His Version 1.4

Hardscape Imaging Software Version 1.4 came out in 2011. We added Anchor Block, Calstone, Permacon, Building Products, and New Techo-bloc, Belgard Fireplaces Objects, Low Country Pavers, and Bluestone. Should I update to the newest version? Yes, if the additional object and textures are important to what you design.

Update to HIS Version 1.5

Hardscape Imaging Software Version 1.3 is now updated to Version 1.5.

HIS Version 1.3

This version dates back to 2008 - Here we added Send JPG E- mail which automatically converts your image into a .JPG file in your e-mail as an attachment; Smudge Tool that allows you to blend the edges for smooth lines; Texture from File that allows you open textures from your hard drive; Secondary Library for additional Textures.

Update to HIS Version 1.5

This version of Hardscape Imaging Software needs to be updated.

HIS Versions 1.0 - 1.1 – 1.2

These Versions date back to 2003-2007 anyone with these older version should definitely update to either the newer version of Hardscape Imaging Software 1.5 or GreenScapes Landscape Design Imaging Software. HIS 1.5 Version installs from a USB drive or DVD. GreenScapes only installs from a USB.

Update to Hardscape Imaging 1.5

Hardscape Estimator add it to your design and estimating box.

Hardscape Estimating

The Hardscape Estimator is a great addition to your Photo Imaging Program. If you did not purchase it yet and want to try it, fill out the Contact Us Form and a automated email will allow you to try one of the many paving manufacturers we created an estimator for. The Hardscape Estimator comes as an Online Version.

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