Hardscape Design Software Plants and Hardscape Object Images

The program comes with an Extensive library of plant materials from all zones across North America, over 3,800 plants.

Northern Trees, Southern Trees, Northern Shrubs, Southern Shrubs, Palm Trees, Tropical plants, Desert, Drought Tolerant, Evergreen, Conifers, Annuals and Perennials.

You can also add our own plant material to the library from pictures that you have taken with your digital camera, or scan in from a photo.

The hardscape object library comes with a wide assortment of items to use in your imaging projects. They include 650 Pools, Rocks, Paver Circles Fences, Outdoor Furniture, Fireplaces, Fire Pits, BBQs, Ponds, Waterfalls, Gazebos, Trellis, Steps and Walls Over 6,300 in total. And again you can always add to this library by taking pictures of new objects or downloading images from the internet. (see video on how how to make your own libraries)

Do you install plants and interlocking paving or looking for more of an extensive plant and object library? Check out GreenScapes!

Click on the plant image a Goggle gallery will open in a new window!

Plants are included in Hardscape Imaging Software.

Click on the object images and a Goggle gallery will open in a new window!

Objects like fire pits, fire places and pools are included in Hardscape Design Software.